Tsuki-ita, the wood veneer sheet, is sliced off from the original natural wood. The first, second, and third and so on, all slices continuously come out having the same wood grain patterns.

MORIKOUGEI seeks for a creative way to express the specific features of the tsuki-ita, the wood veneer sheets, through experiments with new combinations generated from the continuously shaved grain patterns, exercising ingenuity in the ways we cut and paste the veneer sheets together to develop a wood grain design.

Raystray is made with unique pasting style in which the color of the wood pattern changes depending on the angle of the light.
Tsuki-ita, the wood veneer sheets, having one corner cut in an acute angle are pasted around from the center. When you hold the tray and tip it in a different angle, it seems as if rays of light are beaming out from the center. We call this design “Kosen-hari,” meaning pasting like the light-beams in Japanese.

All 3 sizes of the RaysTray showcased at the 2020 January[Maison & objet]Paris exhibition are now also available in Japan.